How safe is the Covid-19 vaccine?

Article written by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL

Receiving the Covid-19 vaccine is your best chance against the virus. If you are concerned about getting vaccinated, it is important to understand the facts regarding the vaccines’ safety and effectiveness, before getting vaccinated.  

The science – When the virus was identified there were scientists around the world trying to generate a cure. The high level of collaboration and information sharing between countries and organizations has aided in creating a vaccine that is safe and effective.

Investment – The number of clinical trials and research that has been done on the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, are a good indication of their safety and effectiveness.

Production – Although this vaccine was developed within a year, the vaccine still had to pass several trials to be distributed to the public. Companies producing the vaccine had to present human clinical trials which were monitored and authorized.

Although the vaccine is safe, it has shown some short-term side effects that are common when receiving any vaccine. You may experience side effects 8 hours after receiving the vaccine, which can include pain near the injection site, tiredness, body pains, headaches, and chills.

These side effects may mean taking time off work and/or requesting assistance with childcare. It is important to rest for 1-2 days following the vaccine as your body will need time to adjust and generate an immune response.

Although taking the vaccine will not guarantee that you will not get the virus, it does reduce the severity of the symptoms to a great extent.

Francis Dunn is from Miami Florida. He works as a data engineer and clinical analyst in the biotech industry. For the past 25 years he has focused on improving the world of healthcare using disruptive technologies. At DMDconnects, Francis Dunn discovered new ways to create revenue streams while managing enterprise clients. He was able to triple the size of client service teams while keeping the sales force motivated to win.