Are You Living in True Abundance?

Article by The Global Spiritualist Association

Are you committed to living your dream life? We all have those dreams of what we’d like to do if we had the time and money. But often we get sidetracked by life itself. We work hard to pay the rent and bills and our dreams can get further away. It can help if you have a bit of money in savings so you can take some time to meditate on how to get your dream life going.

Try to take the time each day to meditate. Begin with deep breathing exercises to clear your mind of all the junk. Then focus on positive things like family members you love or joyful memories from the past. Concentrate on the things you’d like to have in your dream life. Do you want fulfilling relationships? Most of us do want people in our lives that love and appreciate us.

You may also want material possessions. We all feel that we’d be happier if we had lots of money. Though this is sometimes not the case, it can really help if you don’t have to struggle with money problems all the time. You can feel relaxed, as if you can go after your dream job or relationship. Below are just a few other things to consider:

Stop making excuses!

Add value to others.

Realize your potential.

Never give up.

Dream big.

When you reach your goals, be thankful. Don’t take anything for granted. Each time you achieve something on your list, celebrate!

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